Quality Advantage

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  The company has clear and complete quality inspection standards and product testing standards, and conducts 100% 360° appearance and full inspection of each product produced. Machines, pressure-resistant machines, roller testing machines, EDX700 spectrometers, comprehensive laboratories, etc., adhering to the quality concept of "high standards, strict requirements, zero defects", and handing over the best quality products to customers.

Comprehensive laboratory


Environmental testing


Microwave Network Analyzer

  It plays a vital role in the characteristic analysis of various microwave devices and components, and the detection and maintenance of network faults. There are five main functions: frequency marker function, normalization function, storage/recall function, printing function and smoothing function. 82f0ab3635201e31970947da0011fab.jpg

Automatic Optical Inspection

  Based on the optical principle, the common defects encountered in the welding production are detected, and the high-speed and high-precision visual processing technology is used to automatically detect various mounting errors and welding defects on the PCB. PCB boards can range from fine-pitch high-density boards to low-density large-size boards, and online inspection solutions can be provided to improve production efficiency and soldering quality. Find and eliminate errors early in the assembly process for good process control by using AOI as a defect reduction tool. cf5f5dbe905c901945d7b4c1fa9aa37.jpg

IQC incoming quality control

  All purchased materials are inspected and tested to ensure that the quality of incoming materials can meet the specified use requirements, and to prevent uninspected or uninspected incoming materials from being put into production and use. IMG_4965.jpg