Legal Statement

Effective date:2020-08-07 02:51 Update date:2021-11-12 16:03

I. Ownership of Rights

1.1. The logo, "康泰", "康泰电气", "kangtai", "KangTai", "KangTai Smart", and other texts, graphics of these kinds and their combinations on the KangTai website, as well as other identification, symbols, names of KangTai services, etc. of the KangTai website all constitute the registered trademarks of KangTai and its Affiliate in China and other countries. Without the written authorization of KangTai, no one may display, use, or otherwise process (including but not limited to copy, transmit, display, mirror, upload, and download) such contents in any way, nor may anyone indicate that he/she has the right to make such display, use, or processing. 1.2. The intellectual property rights of all products, services, technologies, and programs (hereinafter also referred to as “technical services”) of the KangTai website are owned by KangTai or by the right holders. 1.3. Unless otherwise stated, KangTai has all rights (including without limitation copyrights, and trademark, patent, trade secret rights, and all other related rights) to publish documents and other information (namely but not exclusively text, graphics, pictures, photos, audio, video, icons, colors, layouts, and electronic documents) on the website. Without the permission from KangTai, no one is permitted to use the said contents (including but not limited to monitor, copy, broadcast, display, mirror, upload, and download any content on the KangTai website through a program or device). Where any authorization is given to browse, copy, print, and distribute any information on the KangTai website, such information must not be used for commercial purposes and the use of all such information and any part thereof must be accompanied with this right statement.

II. Limitation on Liability

2.1. KangTai users upload, provide, and publish information (including without limitation user names, company names, contacts and contact information, and related pictures, information, product information, etc.) on the KangTai website by themselves, and must assume full responsibilities according to laws for any information they provide. 2.2. Reprinted works (including forum contents) on KangTai websites do not mean that KangTai agrees with their opinions or confirms the authenticity of their contents, but only for the purpose of conveying more information. 2.3. KangTai hereby suggests that during the use of KangTai services, you shall abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and shall not endanger the security of the Internet. You must not use KangTai services to engage in activities that infringe another person's reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights, and other legitimate rights and interests. Notwithstanding the above suggestion, KangTai does not take any responsibility for your use of and purpose of using KangTai services.

III. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

KangTai respects intellectual property rights and opposes any act of infringement and pirating. If any organization or individual thinks that any content on the KangTai website (including any content on and client pages)(for example, reprinted articles, service information published in the service market, product information released in the product library, etc.) may infringe any of his/her legitimate rights and benefits, he/she may send a written right notice to KangTai at, and KangTai will address such issue as soon as possible after receiving the qualified notice from the holder of intellectual property rights.