Product Description



Shell Material

PC flame retardant



Control Mode



LED flash

ControlItem Weight


Operating Voltage

230V~ 50Hz

Network Support


Voice Control

Can be connected to Google Home/Amazon Alexa,voice control of home appliances,free hands.

PC flame retardant material

The socket shell is made of PC flame retardant material,which can effectively prevent spontaneous combustion caused by excessive temperature,which is safe and reliable.

Remote Control

Plug the home appliance into the mini smart plug,download the free Tuya smart app through your phone or tablet,you can manage your home appliances anytime,anywhere,whether at home,work,office or vacation.

Flash Tips

There are LED lights at the switch button,which is convenient for real-time observation of socket usage.

Timing Function

Using the timer function,you can make an appointment to turn the device on or off in advance,saving a lot of time.


It can precisely control the switch of home appliances,effectively avoiding waste and accidents caused by unpowered electrical appliances.

Family Sharing

After the socket is connected to the mobile phone,you can easily share with your family and enjoy a smart life together.

Plug and Play

After the device is connected to the mobile phone,it can be used by inserting it into the socket.There is no complicated operation,and it is simple and convenient to use.

Safety Design

The intelligent WiFi plug has an automatic shut-off function and supports up to 3680W, 16A. When power is overloaded, the WiFi socket automatically turns off to protect the device and meet all safety requirements.