Product Description

Measuring range


Product Size


Product Weight


Frequency Range


Product Material

ABS flame retardant material

Operating Temperature

14 °F -122 °F

Insulation material

Transparent plastic handle, sturdy and durable, insulating current, use it with confidence.

Hardened bits

The batch head is hardened, with high hardness, and it is not easy to be nicked and deformed.

Small size

Lightweight, compact structure, easy to carry and use.

No battery required

No need for battery drive, long service life, can directly detect 12-220V.

Digital display

Digital display power measurement, fast induction digital display test, LED display, easy to read.

Direct test

Press and hold the direct detection button, insert the tip into the live wire and contact the copper core, and the screen displays the values as 12, 36, 55, 110, and 220V.

Induction detection

Induction detects the continuity of the line, press and hold the induction key, slide the electric pen along the line, and the screen will display the lightning coincidence, which proves that the line is energized.

Clip design

The clip is made of high-elasticity plastic,which has undergone high temperature treatment and is more convenient to carry.