Product Description



Shell Material

PC flame retardant



Control Mode

Push Type

Item Weight


Transmission Distance


Transmission Frequency

433.92 MHz

PC flame retardant material

The equipment shell is made of PC flame retardant material,which can effectively prevent spontaneous combustion caused by excessive temperature,which is safe and reliable.

25meters long distance transmission

The open area can reach a maximum acceptance range of 25 meters,super anti-interference,can penetrate metal doors,wooden doors,exterior walls and interior walls,fully satisfying daily home use.

Low power consumption and energy saving

The socket is designed with low power consumption,which can meet the daily use and realize energy saving and power saving.

3 years battery life

The transmitter uses a 3V CR2032 lithium battery with a long three-year lifespan, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery purchases.

Easy to install

Square appearance design, easy to replace and install, strong versatility.

Rounded corners

The overall appearance is designed as a rounded rectangle, which is classic and durable, and the more you use it, the more comfortable it is.