Product Description



Waterproof Level




Operating Temperature



38 Ringtones

Transmission Distance


Receiver Voltage

2x1.5V AA

Transmission Frequency


38 Chord music

The default ringtone is "Ding Dong", and the built-in high-quality large-diameter speaker has a clear, loud and beautiful sound.

3 years battery life

The transmitter uses a 3V CR2032 lithium battery with a long three-year lifespan, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery purchases.

4-Step volume adjustment

4-level volume can be adjusted at will,the maximum volume can be adjusted.Up to 115dB,the elderly at home can also hear.

ABS flame retardant material

The receiver adopts ABS flame retardant material,which can effectively prevent spontaneous combustion caused by excessive temperature,which is safe and reliable.

200M Transmission range

The max acceptance range in open areas can reach 200 m,super anti-interference,can penetrate metal doors and wooden doors.Exterior wall interior wall,fully meet the daily household use.

Easy to install

The transmitter comes with double-sided tape,which can be directly pasted in a suitable position when using,and it is not easy to fall off.

Rainproof function

The transmitter adopts IP44 grade professional waterproof material,which can effectively prevent the intrusion of rainwater.

classic fabric appeal

The subtle styling and classic fabric appeal of this bright white wireless doorbell kit make it a must-have for homeowners, business owners, builders or DIYers.

Flexible pairing

One transmitter can be connected to multiple receivers,which can be heard in every room,or one receiver can be connected to multiple transmitters to adjust the volume of different ringtones according to different locations.