Product Description



Waterproof Level




Control Method

Remote control

Item Weight


Transmission Distance


Rated voltage

230VAC 50Hz

Transmission Frequency


40M long distance control

You can control your device from anywhere within 40 meters,making your life more convenient.

Flexible pairing

One remote control can be connected to multiple sockets to control multiple appliances at the same time,or one socket can be connected to multiple remote controls to switch sockets anywhere in the house.

LED flash

The socket has LED flash prompts,so you can keep abreast of the equipment usage.

Rainproof function

The equipment shell is made of IP44 professional waterproof material,which can effectively prevent water intrusion.

Waterproof protective cover

There is a waterproof protection design on the top of the device,the cover will automatically close when not in use,effectively preventing water from entering the jack.

PC flame retardant material

The socket is made of PC flame retardant material,which can effectively prevent spontaneous combustion caused by excessive temperature,which is safe and reliable.

Small size

The device is small in size and exquisite in appearance,and does not affect the use of other sockets on the same socket.

Plug and play

You do not need an app, WiFi, additional wiring or the help of an electrician simply and immediately. The socket remains switched off even after a power failure to save energy and your electricity costs.

3 years battery life

The transmitter uses a CR2032 3V lithium battery with a long three-year lifespan, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery purchases.