Product Description



Shell Material

PC flame retardant



Item Weight


Transmission Distance

40 m

Detection range


Detection area


Transmission Frequency

433.92 MHz

PC flame retardant material

The equipment shell is made of PC flame retardant material, which can effectively prevent spontaneous combustion caused by excessive temperature, which is safe and reliable.

Super wide angle

Hemispherical design, larger detection angle, support for 110° large range, and distance detection with a diameter greater than 7 meters, so that thieves have nowhere to hide.

Low power consumption and energy saving

The transmitter adopts a low-power design, which can meet the daily use and achieve energy saving and power saving.

3 years battery life

The transmitter uses a 3V CR2032 lithium battery with a long three-year lifespan, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery purchases.

Easy to install

The size of two knuckles, small and delicate, no wiring, and easy to use.

Intelligent linkage

Link with other wifi smart products in the home, operate automatically, free your hands, and enjoy more fun in life.