Product Description

Measuring range

70-250 VAC

Product Size


Product Weight




Polarity Test


Frequency Range


Operating Temperature

14 °F -122 °F


1.5V X2

Insulation material

Transparent plastic handle, sturdy and durable, insulating current, use it with confidence.

Hardened bits

The batch head is hardened, with high hardness, and it is not easy to be nicked and deformed.

Clip design

The clip is made of high-elasticity plastic, which is treated with high temperature, making it more convenient to carry.

Small size

Lightweight, compact structure, easy to carry and use.

24/7 testing

AC/DC can be tested, non-contact testing 70 to 600VAC, DC voltage testing up to 250VDC.

Beep reminder

Built-in sensor, when the sensor head is close to the nearby AC voltage, the sensor light will flash and the buzzer will sound an alarm.

Sensitivity switch

O: direct contact, AC test (red light on), L = non-direct contact (low) AC test (green light or sound), H: non-direct contact (high) AC test (green light or sound)